Information on applying for a visa to Russia

All non-Scandinavian citizens have to apply for visa through the Russian Consulate in the land of residence. One can also use services of an authorized visa agency. Pasvikturist provide you with the necessary letter of invitation (included in the price for our tours to Russia.)
To issue Letter of Invitation we need following: either a scan/copy of the first page of your passport by email, or the following information:

  • Date of entry / departure date to Russia
  • Name as it appears in the passport
  • Nationality
  • Date of birth
  • Passport number
  • Validity of your passport (expiry date)
  • Places you want to visit in Russia

Please get in contact with a Russian Consulate to find out which documents are required.

Please note: Processing fee for visa Application is to be paid directly to the Consulate.

Price for Letter of Invitation:

Validity for 1-29 days: 500 NOK
(when booking a tour to Russia with us, the invitation letter is included in the price)

If you have a permanent residence in Norway, you can apply for a Visa to Russia through our agency.
Please check on our visa pages (only in Norwegian language): please click here

Please note that the visa can not be purchased at the border.
This information is unfortunately in many guidebooks and is not correct!