KS39 Excursion to Grense Jakobselv & the oldest mountain in Norway – min 4 guests

From: kr1,500.00

Available 01.06 – 15.09

Tour by bus and local guide to the historical valley in Grense Jakobselv.

The small village Grense Jakobselv is located close to the Arctic Sea. Only a narrow river separates the village from Russia. Along the border you can observe border posts and sometimes also the border guards. Grense Jakobselv is located about 60 km East of Kirkenes. The tour to Grense Jakobselv is a wonderful nature experience and on a short distance you will experience fjord, the oldest mountains in Norway, the ocean and the fertile valley. We will be passing King Oscar II’s chapel from 1869, the vicar’s house and take a coffee break on a sandy beach by the Arctic Ocean. Are you tough enough to take a bath in the Arctic Ocean right beside Russia? Don’t forget your bathing suit.

Duration 4 hours
17.00 – 21.00

Daily min 4 persons
max 16 persons
included transportation from/to hotel , guide, hot beverage